Youngstown’s SkyScraper; the tallest pillar of Central Square

The Metropolitan Savings and Loan Building (FNB Building) was originally home to the Central Savings and Loan Company. The 17-story, 229-foot tall building, designed by Morris W. Scheibel and R.M. Johnson, was constructed in 1929. The exterior was featured Art Deco ornamentation of the Modernistic style, with geometric ornaments on the upper floors and the roof cornice. The interior was equally as decorative; the main lobby featured a geometric Art Deco ceilings, frieze, and elevator doors. It remains the tallest building in the city. It later became home to the Metropolitan Savings and Loan Association and First National Bank.

First National Bank Commercial Space Logo


  • First National Bank, floors 1 and 2, 7,725 square feet
  • Reminger & Reminger, floors 3 and 14, 3,740 square feet
  • Earthlink, floor 4, 3,385 square feet
  • Community Legal Aid, floors 7 and 8, 5,356 square feet
  • Kirkner Electric, floor 9, 706 square feet
  • Community Bus, floor 9, 1,641 square feet
  • Qwest floor 10, 1,911 square feet
  • Zayo Bandwith Central, floor 13, 1,151 square feet
  • Youngstown/Waren Regional Chamber, floors 15 and 16, 5,006 feet
  • AT&T, Roof
  • Fiber Tower Network, Roof
  • Data Recovery Services, Basement